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This is episode was really good. Sorry to hear that a lot of things were holding off this episode. I guess this one dove a little more into the "forbidden power" that's within Alpha and how it's negatively affecting his allies and others outside of hacker slaying. Sort of how Alpha almost permanently deleted Kirbopher and severly injured him in the real world.
Whoa, tournament arc?! I wonder how you're gonna pull that off with the agendas you have. Any ways, keep up the good work and still do the best you can as an artist and animator.

Great Job

This is not really bad. So what if people say that the flash's design is sloppy. It took you 8 months to make this as well as trying to have it well-written or planned out. you should be proud of your efforts. (^_^)

TheKekeMaster responds:

You are right! Even the success wasn't really as I planned.. But I just have to keep trying more and more 'till I finally make something worth something.. or something...


This is not bad at all. Great job. (^w^)b

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This game is simple and fun to play. Even if it took you about a year to make, you still did a great job with putting alot of effort in that time. (^w^)b

Psychofig responds:

Thank you! I hope you get all the medals, you're doing well so far! Gah, I've almost got every one by now.

Whoo-ho! (^w^)

This is a really good simple puzzle game. (^w^)b

Great job. (^w^)b

This game can be very addicting...in a good way.

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Thank you again for drawing my Tala, 1Uped. :>
Really enjoyed your interpretation with the expression and color choices for her in the illustration. Makes me want to work more on my OCs when I am able to.

Yay, the Ife Christmas again! :>

Yay, Es! :>
The custard pudding was too strong for the button to handle. lol
The soft shading in this one is really nice too. ;>

Currently a college graduate wanting to become a successful animator (somewhat, currently) and illustrator.

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